I am not sure how I feel about the sun
An interactive in-situ sound installation in four acts

The installation was produced specifically for the one-month Artists in Residence in Ras Masqa (RMAR) juried residency organized by T.A.P. (Temporary Art Platform), a curatorial platform that develops art projects relating to the public realm, and APEAL (The Association for the Promotion and Exhibition of Arts in Lebanon) that took place in Ras Masqa village, Lebanon in March and April, 2016. Curated by Amanda Abi Khalil. Resident coordinator: Roy Dib.

Materials used for each speaker:
West African
Fraké wood, 8 ohm speaker, iPod shuffle (used only for the purpose of a one-day public presentation of the work), amplifier board, solar panel, 10-amp solar controller, 12 volt battery, LED light, USB charger, electric cables.

The piece is composed of four custom-made self-operating speakers using solar energy. Three of the speakers are permanently installed in public locations in Ras Masqa village, Koura District, Lebanon. One speaker remains with the artist and travels to various public spaces in Lebanon and abroad. A label on each of the speakers prompts users to plug their Internet-enabled mobile devices and to scan a QR barcode or enter a web address, which will in return stream the sound piece associated to each speaker

The sound installation, divided into four acts as per each speaker, is composed of fictional dialogues between two unidentified characters. In each act, the characters reflect on the environment respective to the in situ location of each speaker as though they are present in the same physical location (with access to the same field-of-view) of the user-listener at the time of interacting with the piece.

Exhibition catalogue (PDF)
Location of speakers in Ras Masqa village (Map in PDF)


Act I
7'3", Arabic
Performed by Ali El-Darsa and Petra Serhal

An encounter in hiding between a man and a woman, reveals personal recounts including the complications of their romantic relationship in a seemingly conservative environment.



Act II
5'45", Arabic
Performed by Ali El-Darsa and Petra Serhal

Both characters discuss the representation of their favorite colors and their semiotic relationship to their own memories and memory images.



8'13", Arabic

Act III reveals the same characters on an outing, however as friends this time. They recall childhood memories and reflect on their physical surrounding, North Ras Masqa, the exact spot where the speaker of Act III is installed.




Currently not on display.




Thanks to Temporary Art Platform (Amanda Abi Khalil), Roy Dib, APEAL (Association for the Promotion and Exhibition of Art in Lebanon), Nada Khoury, Nada Boulos, Zeina Karam, Anna Smith, Petra Serhal, Lamia Sassine, Salwa Alyerani, Ieva Saudargaité, Raymond Gemayel, 3amo Sabah Dib and the village of Ras Masqa, North Lebanon for the support of the project.

Photos by: Ieva Saudargaité, Ali El-Darsa, Raymond Gemayel.