I am not sure how I feel about the sun

An interactive in-situ sound installation
in 4 acts. Permanently installed in Ras Masqa,


The Color Remains the Same

Exhibition, University of Toronto Art Centre.

Two video projections, a text-based work and an
architectural assembly of sandbags.

Single-channel video installation
12m 35sec loop, HD, Dolby Surround or Stereo sound, Color
Arabic and French with English subtitles

The Document Remains the Same

Part of The Color Remains the Same

Two-channel video installation

9m 45sec loop, HD, Dolby Surround or Stereo sound, Color
Arabic and English with English subtitles



Sculpture Installation


Within (A Bataillean Study)

Two-channel video installation

15min 20sec, HD, Stereo, Color

Installation mockup



A series of giclée prints

Limited-edition book (preview)

Collection of the Shore+Moffat Library

John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture

University of Toronto


Standing Still

In collaboration with sound artist, S. Moroz

Two-channel video installation

17min loop, HD, Dolby Surround, Color


That tree you claimed your throne

Interactive performance, Theatre Centre

30–90 mins



In collaboration with Carlos Maria

Multidisciplinary performance, Darling Foundry

90 mins


Time of Breadth

Single-channel video

8min 42sec, Stereo, Color
Arabic with English or French subtitles



In collaboration with Sharlene Bamboat

Performance installation, Gladstone Hotel

40 mins



Performance installation

Hart House, University of Toronto

50 mins


Top to bottom - Image 1: I am not sure how I feel about the sun. Images 2, 3, 4: The Color Remains the Same. Image 5: Standing Still. Image 6: Crossover. Image 7: Throwback.