That Saturday of every weekend

Two-channel video loop, 5min 42sec, color, stereo, 2008.


The piece introduces a character in isolation in his personal space at different times (at once). Using a rigorous montage approach, the video, a methodical examination of aesthetics of replication and overlapping temporalities, questions the analogical delineations of spaces (internalized versus external tangible spaces) once heavily broken down and pieced together into new conceptual configurations of spatial environments – indifferent from their original form.





Two-channel video loop, 7min 5sec, color, Arabic with English subtitles, 2008.


A two-channel performance video for the camera reveals a personal dialogue: a negotiation between self-reflective and intimate recounts.





Single-channel video, 4min 21sec, color, stereo, 2008.


Based on personal dream sequences, the piece presents a linear storyline composed of irregular temporal disruptions. It depicts a character running away from what is seemingly himself.




06.10.07_12:43_STORED_ SMS_514951****_ ARE


Single-channel video loop, B&W, quadraphonic audio, 2009.


An installation devised of an immersive floor video projection and a quadraphonic sound piece.

The projection reveals a compilation of short text messages (SMS), sent and received by the artist during 2007. A quadraphonic sound loop plays recorded readings of the projected messages in the voices of their senders. Each speaker is dedicated to a reader/sender – altogether, they make up ruptured personal narratives that overlap and shuffle across four speakers.





Single-channel, 6min 11sec, color, stereo, 2009.


An experimental portrait of a man's internalized sexual desire.




Latent Apprehension

A series of interdisciplinary public endurance interventions, in situ performances, series of prints, and tableaux vivants that took place between Montréal and Berlin from 2006 to 2009.




March 2008

Single-channel video, 9min 56sec, color, stereo, 2008.


A static close up shot reveals an unidentified person in what is seemingly a formal interview. A Q&A conversation addresses specifics that are never disclosed leaving the viewer in an undefined position. The work poses questions on authorship, representation and authenticity.





Performance in collaboration with composer Gabriel Dharmoo, 30 mins, Montréal, 2010.




Ali & Ali

Single-channel video, 9min, color, stereo, 2008.


Ali & Ali depicts a duality of a character, who attempts to establish a dialogue with himself. One version tries to change the state of the other, expressing a personal contradiction that exists between what he is and what t(he)y want(s) to be.




On my way to Byblos

Single-channel video, 4min 14sec, color, stereo, 2008.





Single-channel video, 5min 14sec, color, stereo, 2007.


Human traces left through daily activity in public space represented through structuralist montage.





Single-channel video, 1min, color, stereo, 2006.



Top to bottom - Image 1,: Entr'acte. Image 2: Throwback. Images 3-4: Crossover.